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04 Feb

Des rats aussi gros que des moutons !!

Publié par FIRSTEP EN ANGLAIS  - Catégories :  #animaux

Des rats aussi gros que des moutons !!

Des scientifiques sont certains que dans le futur les rats seront aussi gros que des moutons ! Revenons nous à la période des dynosaures ??

Over a long time it is thought that when bigger animals become extinct rats will grow to fill the environment that they lived in.

Rats are known to be really good at changing to survive wherever they live. The way animals change over a long time is called 'evolution'.

So scientists think that rats will 'evolve' to grow bigger and bigger - growing to the size of other animals.

Dr Jan Zalasiewicz said, "Given enough time, rats could probably grow to be at least as large as the capybara, the world's largest rodent, that lives today, that can reach 80 kilos ".

He expected rats to change in different ways other than becoming larger.


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